MRic - photonics presentation

hoecht staining

Information about our advanced microscopy instruments

Our photonic microscopes allow observation of samples at a wide range of scales, from nanometers to several millimeters. In addition to the so-called classic microscopes (6 confocal, 2 video-microscopes, 2 spinning-disk). The platform also has microscopes unique in Brittany. We have, for example, a Fast-FLIM prototype for the observation of protein / protein interactions as well as a lightsheet for the non-invasive observation of biological and tissue samples of a few millimeters.

Support and consulting for your microscopic observations

We are ready to meet with you to discuss and offer you the best instrument for your observations.

Your needs may be very different:

• visualization and quantification of the fluorescence of living or fixed cells
• observation of structures on a subcellular scale
• measurement of calcium fluxes
• evaluation of protein / protein interactions,
• visualization of biosensors,
• imaging of thick samples or tissue,
• image analysis

Depending on your needs, our platform engineers can train you and your collaborators so that you will be able to access the microscopes of the platform completely independently and at the rhythm of your experiments. We also offer a full service microscopy and image analysis from the preparation of the sample to observation and the rendering of results. We will accompany you, step by step, in your microscopy experiments.

How to access the platform

The platform is completely accessible to academic or private research teams.
If you are a new user of the platform, you will be required to first contact us to explain your need. The best course of action will be evaluated (training and qualification for the use of the microscope or full service observations and imagerie). For independent access, after training, you will be able to reserve the microscopes via an online reservation site. Billing will be done on the basis of the hours reserved (prices on request). For a service, the terms will be defined at the first meeting.