HPM live µ - CryoCapCell & LSM 900 - Zeiss

Electron microscopy
Thick samples
Resin techniques
High Pressure Freezing (HPF) device & confocal microscope
HPM live µ - CryoCapCell & LSM 900 - Zeiss

HPM live µ - CryoCapCell & LSM 900 - Zeiss



The HPM live µ from CryoCapCell serves to rapidly freeze delicate cellular structures without chemical fixation. High pressure freezing (HPF) is key for the study of intricate changes in fine structure or cellular dynamics.


The HPM live µ is connected to a fluorescent microscope (LSM 900 - Zeiss) to freeze the sample within 2 seconds after imaging in fluorescent a rare and sponteneous event. This CLEM approach is available on the facility.


The carriers of 2 mm diameter and 0.2 mm depth and cryocapsules dedicated to CLEM experiments can be provided by the facility. After cryofixation, samples can be transfered to the LEICA AFS2 device to be infiltred by resin under cold conditions.



The European Union (FEDER) contributed for this equipment.